Dear guest,

So that you can enjoy your stay with us, certain measures have been put in place.

All common areas such as the swimming pool, rancho, reception, doors are disinfected every 3 hours (or after use).

The reception is disinfected after each visit by guests.

As usual, room cleaning is done daily, notify us in advance if you prefer not to have this service.

In every common area, you will find: Alcohol, gel, hand soap.

Between every rental of our rooms and houses they are rigorously disinfected. (We also change the pillows, mattress covers, cushion covers).

All the products we use are approved by the Ministry of health.

All our employees are trained according to the new hygiene measures.

Check in are made contactless, check out also if possible.

At the moment of the check-in everybody’s body temperature is measured.

We make sure that our employees have no symptoms and use adequate protective equipment during their working hours and in transport.

As you will see our garden and commun area have plenty of space, so easy to keep for all of us, 2 meters apart.