How to Get to Playa Negra Guesthouse

Playa Negra Guesthouse is located at Playa Negra (Black Beach), Cahuita, Limon on the southern part of the Caribbean sea. Cahuita is a small town and its laid back atmosphere, beaches, cultural mix and proximity to Cahuita National Park make it a popular destination for visitors to the region.

The Atlantic coast offers unspoiled beaches, forested mountains, coconut palms and pineapple and banana plantations. The wild beauty of the area and cultural diversity make the Caribbean an alternative destination for those wishing to avoid the more touristy areas of the country. Limon is the least populated province of Costa Rica and the slow pace makes this a great place to relax, swim, sunbathe, and snorkel off beautiful white and black sand beaches. The ethnic mix of the Limon province is comprised of African Caribbeans who make up one third of the population and the indigenous communities of the Bribi living in the foothills of the Talamanca mountains. There is also a large Chinese population. It is the cultural influence of these ethnic groups which adds to the flavour of the Caribbean zone.

GPS coordinates are: LAT (N) 09:44:473 LON (W) 082:51:033.
With a Location GPS: Hotel Playa Negra Guesthouse, Cahuita.
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Cahuita National Park is the primary destination for the majority of visitors who come to enjoy the tropical vegetation, coral reef, and the white sand beaches of the park or to hike the 7 kilometre (4 mile) nature trail. The park is teeming with wildlife including monkeys, sloths, armadillos, caimans and iguanas. Bird life abounds and hikers may spot green ibis, herons, kingfishers and toucans.

Cahuita is all about eco-tourism. Your hosts can direct you to trustworthy local agents who can provide snorkelling tours off the coral reefs, horseback riding, surfing lessons, kayaking, fishing expeditions, dolphin tours, visits to Indian reserves and a sloth sanctuary and nature walks in the national park.


The most economical way of getting from San José to Cahuita is by bus departing from the “Atlantico Norte” bus station daily, 7 buses per day.

From San José to Cahuita: every 2 hours at 6:00 am, 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00md, 2:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm.

From Cahuita to San José: from 5:30am, 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm and 4:30pm.

The trip takes about 4 hours. You should buy your ticket in advance if travelling on the weekend, holiday or during the peak tourist season.


We can also reserve for you transportation on Interbus (hotel to hotel shared van service). You will be picked up at your hotel in San José and taken directly to Playa Negra Guesthouse.

From San José to Cahuita ($54 per adult): 7:50am (from hotel) and 2:30pm only from the airport.
From Arenal to Cahuita ($64 per adult): Leaving Arenal at 5:00am

From Cahuita to San José ($54 per adult): 7:30am and 2:30pm
From Cahuita to Arenal ($64 per adult): 10:30am


If you prefer Sansa airline offer flight twice a day from Juan Santa Maria airport to Limon and Limon to Juan Santa Maria Airport. About $90 per person, 45 minutes flight.

Contact us for more informations or to reserve.

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Another hassle-free alternative is to have a private driver pick you up at San José airport and take you directly to Playa Negra Guesthouse. This service allows you to avoid spending the night in San José and provides a large ten passenger van with no luggage restrictions. The cost is between $160-220 one way. Contact us for private driver transportation option from the airport to Playa Negra Guesthouse.